About Us

Track Your Case – It’s Simple and Easier

SmartaDesk.com is online platform connects Client, Lawyer and Court, provide 360 degree view of your legal case. Our platform continuously get information about court proceedings of the case directly from court and feed to the Client and Lawyer.It also provide faster and easier way to interact between Client and Lawyer so that both parties can follow up on their action items to get faster trail and completion of case

Our platform will send notification/reminder the Client and Lawyer on the action item, next hearing and etc..

Find Your Lawyer

Our platform helps you to find the right Lawyer for your legal needs.

How it works?

Well, it's as easy as 1-2-3

1. Search and Select the Lawyer based on your need – Search by Specialization, City or Court Name.

2. Choose and Book the way you would like to consult with the selected Lawyer – Email / Phone / Meeting / Video Call / Your Home or Office.

3. We facilitate the consultation with your selected Lawyer, the way you want it.

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